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Gallery 766
Barry and Kendall Windham

The Windhams, Barry and Kendall, started their wrestling careers as smiling young blond beauties who always obeyed the rules.

Later, as their careers passed and their looks faded, the Windhams changed into a pair of ruthless, merciless hombres who seemed to enjoy hurting their opponents.
One thing that never changed during their long careers was their love for skimpy micro-briefs, that were about 3 sizes too small on their tall frames.  

Kendall, in his black bikini, forces the muscular jobber to the ropes. He exposes the stud's chest by draping his arms over the top rope.

CRACK!!   Kendall punishes Muscle-Jobber with a stunning chop to his muscular chest.  Why did this stupid jobber keep his arms over the ropes instead of defending himself??

The jobber's partner, watching from outside the ring in his long black tights, watches Kendall carve up the helpless stud like a pumpkin.

Kendall's black briefs can barely contain him as he grapples with the victim, yanking him off the ropes by the back of his head.

Now Kendall holds the Muscle-Jobber's arm out, so big Barry can sail off the top rope and slam an elbow into his arm to break it.

Now it's beefy Barry's turn to work over the muscle-boy in the red speedo.  Once again, the idiot allows his arms to become trapped over the top rope instead of protecting himself!!

The big cowboy decides to show off his strength.  He scoops up the Muscle-Jobber with one arm, gripping the ass of his trunks and parading him around the ring.

This poor wimp is humiliated as Barry continues to strut around the ring, holding the jobber aloft with just one handful of his tight speedo.


Barry throws Muscle-Jobber across the ring, then stands over him like a hungry lion stalking some helpless young gazelle.

"Get up, punk, I ain't finished yet!"   Barry drags the jobber back to his feet with a handful of hair.  It sure is nice of these studs to wrestle in just speedos and boots!

Barry whips Muscle-Jobber right between the ropes, causing him to crash down to the hard concrete floor like a sack filled with eggs that fell out of the shopping cart.

As Barry distracts the ref, his ruthless brother Kendall attacks Muscle-Jobber, kicking him in the ribs a few times with those tall cowboy boots.

The ref must have forgotten that a man was just thrown violently to the floor and may need medical attention.  He seems more interested in discussing the rules of Pro Wrestling with Barry.

Barry has mercy on Muscle-Jobber, allowing him to crawl over on his knees, like a beaten dog, and tag in his partner.  I guess Barry wants to punish both opponents today.
"Come on in, wimp.  Don't be shy!  Get over here and take your beating."

Barry quickly takes control of the jobber, snatching him by the back of the head to teach him who's boss.

Barry immediately over-powers Cute Jobber and beats him into submission.  He chops the pretty-boy across the chest, which causes his head to snap back.

Next Windham sets him up for a suplex.  The jobber obediently grips the stronger man's ass-hugging red speedo.

The tall cowboy hoists the victim upside-down, then crashes down to the mat to stun and injure the helpless man.  Barry's high suplexes looked like trees falling over in the forrest!

Barry dives on top of the stunned victim, pressing his bulging red trunks in the man's face for a very degrading pin attempt.

Barry really needs to look into some larger trunks, or at least reach back and pull those briefs back where they belong!

The ref counts "ONE...".  I guess this is going to be the end of the match, since the jobber isn't even twitching under Barry's face-pin.

The ref counts "TWO...!"  Meanwhile Barry continues to smother the jobber under his beefy stomach, and flirt with some fans at ringside.


Barry lifts the limp opponent by the arm, stopping the count before the ref can count to Three.  Barry wants to share this jobber with his younger brother.
Kendall tags in, and the Windhams deliver a stunning Double Drop Kick, slamming the victim with four cowboy boots at the same time.  

"Yeeeee- HAH!!"

Now it's Cute Jobber's turn to have his arms locked over the top rope, exposed to some chest abuse from Kendall.  SMACK!!  Kendall delivers a breath-taking Chest Chop.

Kendall drags the victim over to their corner and tags in Barry again.  I guess Big Brother gets to wrestle most of the match.

Barry slams Cute Jobber onto his lower back to stun him.  Muscle-Jobber knows his partner is in trouble, but he is not able to help him!
Now Barry dives on this jobber for a chest to chest pin.  The camera-man meanwhile, is facing the wrong direction, missing out on an incredible view of Barry's red speedo!

Barry again interrupts the three-count, refusing to pin this exhausted wimp.  He kneels over his victim and points to his brother Kendall, promising Kendall the final pin.

Barry continues to kneel over the helpless man, his bulging speedo just inches from the man's face!  This is so humiliating!

Barry continues to wave his bulging speedo over the dazed victim.
He looks like a cowboy that just rassled a steer to the ground during a rodeo.  Is Barry done degrading this cute jobber yet?

Barry tags in his wild younger brother, and Kendall sets the jobber up for his deadly Bulldog.  He locks on a headlock and runs across the ring.

Kendall slams him into the mat, spiking his face down to stun him.  The jobber lays twitching on the canvas as Barry easily rolls him over onto his back.

Kendall kneels on his stunned opponent in domination, his black trunks stretched to the limit.  The ref counts to Three and the Windhams win the match!

Hey, what is going on here!!??  The bell already rung, the match is over, but Kendall is setting Cute Jobber up for another Bulldog!

CRUNCH!! Once again, the helpless man is driven head-first into the mat.  This is uncalled for, the Windhams already won the match!
The Windham's strut around the ring in their speedos and cowboy boots as their victim lies beaten at their feet.  Why are these beefy blond cowboys so cocky and ruthless?  Are they jealous of these cute young stallions?

Muscle-Jobber rushes over to check on his dazed partner as the Windams show off their long bodies one last time, their arms raised in victory.